OHC Leader’s Training “Kickoff” – Feb. 10, 2021

To register members in Online Holy Communities, the community leader should fill out the following registration form for each member candidate: https://airtable.com/shrmPMtxYGILHG9aD

This training includes:

  • Remarks from Dr. Yong and President Naokimi introducing the OHC
  • Introduction of the mission, goals and vision of OHC
  • Best practices for meeting facilitation, including using zoom
  • Introduction to the website, reporting, and how we track our progress
  • Q & A with President Naokimi

What Leaders Had to Say

“The step-by-step process shown in the Online Holy Community Kickoff Training was very clear and uplifting. I’ve been moved by Dr. Yong’s three goals of the Morning Devotion and the focus of the National Family Service on guests. Now, the Online Holy Communities help us to further touch family members and guests in experiencing more about God and True Parents.” 

“I loved Dr. Yong’s message declaring the focus on Heavenly Parent’s heart as the basis for launching the Online Holy Community providence. The Kickoff training was beautifully and professionally organized and presented. It was a wonderful balance of emotion, intellect and will!” 

“I appreciate the love, prayer and time invested in the Online Holy Community plan. I was inspired by the unity that was created through the Kickoff training. Thank you for the clear goals and statement by Dr. Yong and the great tools that are available thus far!” 


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